Huey Lewis revealed that he contemplated suicide after contracting Meniere’s disease, which took away a substantial part of his hearing and essentially rendered all music noise to him. Lewis told Montana's Whitefish Review, “This (disease) has ruined everything. This has absolutely ruined everything. I try not to let it get me down. . . In the first two months of this, I was suicidal. I can honestly share that with you. I thought, s***, I’m just going to commit suicide. I actually contemplated my demise. Y'know, like pills. I figured pills were the easiest way to go. I mean, would I have? I don’t know.” Lewis went on to say, “The music is cacophony for me and now my hearing fluctuates. I can actually get better sometimes where I think, ‘Oh, my gosh, I can almost sing.’ And I have sung twice in the last two years when my hearing was better. And I sang one song acoustically. But I couldn’t do it for a set.” ( Huey Lewis & The News will release Weather — its 10th studio set — on Valentine's Day, February 14th. Blondie's Debbie Harry revealed a rather odd new hobby she's picked up. Harry, who recently published her memoir Face It, revealed, ” I don't collect things, but I started to save Tramp Art. It's these little carved boxes that hobos would make for the women for them to be able to get a bowl of soup or a sandwich. These were jobless people in the 1920's during the Great Depression, so they called it Tramp Art. I started saving that for a while. But really, I'm, trying to get rid of things.” When pressed about a possible Blondie biopic, Harry said, “You never know, anything can happen. That remains to be seen. I don't know who would be suited to play me. I guess if they're offered enough money they will do it.” (Classic Pop) David Byrne made it clear that he's in no way connected to a seemingly official new Talking Heads Instagram account. In response to @talkingheadsofficial, Byrne told Rolling Stone, “I have never heard of this, I don’t know what it is or who is doing it, so clearly it can’t be a ‘official’ talking heads account. Whatever plans others in the band may have is strictly their own business and I wish them well.” The band's drummer and bassist, husband and wife Dennis Frantz and Tina Weymouth told the magazine, “We were made aware of the Instagram account a few days ago as it was brought to life by someone who works with (Talking Heads keyboardist-guitarist) Jerry (Harrison). We have not even talked about this internally yet. We are all currently happily working on our own projects and there are no plans for a Talking Heads reunion.” (Rolling Stone) Bruce Springsteen's recent concert film, Western Stars will be available digitally and on Blu-ray on December 19th. Although an immediate fan favorite, upon opening in late-October, the film raked in a paltry $530,000 from 537 theaters over its first weekend, with an average of $1,042 per theater. With the addition of the two nights the movie played via Fathom Events, all told, Western Stars stiffed, earning only $1 million at the box office. Beach Boys genius Brian Wilson is featured on pop star Kesha's new track, titled “Resentment.” The song also features Sturgill Simpson, and the pop songwriter Wrabel. According to Stereogum's review: The most prominent non-Kesha voice is Sturgill Simpson, who sings backup on the chorus and whose craggy baritone makes a great fit for her. Wilson and Wrabel also sing backup, adding ghostly harmonies that give the song a luminous feel. It’s crazy that Kesha got Brian Wilson to coo softly in the background, but that’s what happened.” (Stereogum)